Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Love Train

Today I am announcing the start of a new blog called A Love Train. The thought popped into my head one day when I heard the song, A Love Train by the O'Jays.

I'm sure you've heard it. 'People all over the world, join hands. Start a love train.'
The way it works is easy. Just write a blog about love... what it means to you, how to share love in your everyday life, one thing you want to do to bring more love to the world, something inspirational that you see someone or some other group doing, a list of ten things that you love, etc. Let me know you've written it by leaving a comment with your url and I will copy the full post with a link to your blog as well. Its kind of like a permanent linky party. Its fun and it can also increase your own blog exposure.

So here is the very first blog post and I've chosen to write a list of ten things that I love:

I LOVE POMEGRANATES. Even though I'm grown, my mom and dad are always surprising me with pomegranates at this time of year. They almost always have one for me when I go to their house. Pomegranates are the perfect snack. Instead of munching on something unhealthy when I have a snack attack, I love to go for a pomegranate because it takes so long to eat. When I was younger I actually used to be quite overweight. Then I found with just some exercise and switching some healthy foods for some unhealthy ones, the weight just dropped. And they make pretty decorations for the holiday season too :)

I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY. I'm just an amateur, but anyone who has seen my blog, knows that I love photos and highlighting photography and photographers I like for my Favorite Foto Friday post. I just got a DSLR a year ago and I can't believe how much I'm in love.

I LOVE THE BEACH. One of my names means 'woman of the sea' and its a perfect name for me. Unfortunately I don't live near the beach now, but I have at many points in my life, in Costa Rica, Florida, California, and Massachusetts. There's nothing like the feel of sand in my toes...

I LOVE PEOPLE. Of course I love my friends and family, but I also just love people in general. Sometimes I have this overwhelming love for people I have never met... and I'm not talking hollywood celebs here. I'm talking about the old woman on the train, the grocery store attendant bagging my groceries, etc.  There are so many wonderful people in this world, all with their gifts and peculiarities - and I think that is what makes this world such a lovely place.

I LOVE PAINTING. It doesn't matter what I'm painting. It can be on canvas (I like doing big abstract pieces) or it can be painting bookshelves, like I was doing today. There is something soothing about having a paintbrush in my hand. I guess I just get into the 'flow'. I actually painted the heart below when I was painting a closet earlier this year.

I LOVE BOOKS/ READING. I could seriously read all day if left to my own devices. Ok. Thats not totally true because I have too many other 'loves', but on certain cold winter days its definitely not uncommon to find me reading for a period of 12 hours at a time. I think my husband must think I've disappeared into the book (and in many ways I have). Anyway, it doesn't hurt that I'm a rare book dealer (although I can't really read those wonderful old first editions), as its a nice environment to spend my days. (By the way, there's still time to enter your name for the giveaway of a signed first edition, which I'll extend until November 9th).

I LOVE CEREAL. I know its weird, but I could seriously eat cereal at any time of the day. (Actually I just had some for dinner). I probably shouldn't be admitting that, but whatever. Love me or leave me. I remember my sister once did one of those 'about me' lists on facebook and she, too, mentioned her love of cereal. I hadn't realized that she was still such a cereal-fiend until then. We must have eaten a lot of cereal growing up.

I LOVE PLANTS. When I'm surrounded by those lovely green beauties with their occasional blessings of floral delights, I feel connected. I feel healthy. I feel alive. My home has plants everywhere... sometimes more than I can handle, but I love it. I used to work at a greenhouse at a science museum and I also used to be an outdoor education teacher, romping around the redwood forests. Although I love my work now, those were definitely some lovely-filled days.

I LOVE SCIENCE. I know its a bit geeky, but I got my first microscope when I was like 9. I remember the first time I saw all the things that were underneath that very un-powerful scope. It changed my life. I love all kinds of science. I got a degree in biology and then a masters focused on microbial disease. I've been a biology teacher and a chemistry teacher. (I think I've had too many varying careers... I just have too many loves, aka the name of my blog :) ). Now I'm into physics. Science is so amazing because it informs us about the world around us... and there is just so much to discover!

I LOVE BLOGGING. I never understood the whole thing about blogs and blogging until I started writing one myself less than a year ago. And then I started reading blogs. And then I started 'meeting' so many wonderful people in the blogging world. It has been such a lovely adventure. Since I live in a small town (pop. 12,000) and work from a home (a somewhat solitary endeavor), blogging has allowed me to meet people from all over the world that I wouldn't normally have the chance to ever know in my entire life. There are so many lovely people and blogs out there, and I hope that as this Love Train takes off, it will be a place for more people to meet, share their loves, and link up their blogs together. I hope you'll join me!

A Whole Lotta Love,


Coffee and a Book Chick said...

Oh, my -- what a fabulous list, and an amazing challenge! I may have to partake, and my list may look very similarly to yours! :)

a whole lotta love said...

i hope you do! thats fine if it looks similar... thats sometimes what connects us is our similar loves. but we all have our own unique loves too - i'm guessing one of yours will be coffee :)

Krystal said...

Reading is my one great love I think =) I'm waiting for a wave of inspiration to hit me for your blog projects:)

heather yalin said...

Adrienne, I love your love train! And that you got your first microscope at 9... and reading more about your loves and the little perm linky blog you started!

Laura said...

Hi!I've just found your blog and I think it's amazing! So many things I like too...plants, painting, science,beach, photography!!!And absolutely pommegrains!!! I follow you, hope you'll come and see me!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! Such a lovely, beautiful and inspiring way to to look at the world.

Dionne said...

Yup, ditto to your entire list. And i love the images!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

I joined the train:

Melanie's Randomness said...

I love reading, blogging, & photography! What a cute idea for a blog! The world needs more love!! =)


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