Monday, March 8, 2010

Plant Ponderings

I LOOOOOVE plants. I love the peace and serenity I feel when I'm around them. When I was a kid, I especially loved picking flowers and gardening (still do!), but then when I was in high school I used to think plants were a little boring... they just weren't as interesting as animals. Then I spent a semester in Costa Rica and another doing an agricultural internship, and I was hooked! My senior yr. I worked at the Museum of Science greenhouse in Boston, and after that I always hoped that I would have my own greenhouse some day. Now I do, and I'm so looking forward to spring!

Fortunately, I also have an indoor greenhouse which sustains me through winter. This is my absolute favorite room in my house. I fell in love when I first walked in. Even though we have a formal dining room, we've never actually eaten in it because we love having our meals amongst the beautiful tropical foliage.

The following is one of my absolutely favorite plant documentaries, although its only the first part. I love David Attenborough and I love the high-speed videography. It really helps you see how plants live and move. Sometimes I think about what we would look like from a plant's perspective if they had eyes.. we would be like flies buzzing around because we move around so fast compared to them. Anyway, this is great to watch even if you're not obsessed with plants like I am. I used to show these videos to my students when I was teaching, and they always expressed how it brought botany alive to them. I hope you enjoy!


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