Friday, July 2, 2010

Favorite Foto Friday - Summer Blues

Happy July! July to me means that summer is really in full swing. You have to embrace it now, otherwise it will be the end of August before you know it and you can get those summer blues when you come to the realization that summer flew too fast.

Here, however, are a different kind of summer blues... blues to make you happy. Blues that say come on in... embrace the lovely life that is in the here and now. These photos say to me, jump on in... feel the warm breeze, go barefoot in the grass, let the laundry dry outside in the sun, sit in your favorite summer-time chair or go to the beach. Have a fabulous weekend full of Independence Day frivolities and enjoy the summer time blues!

collecting whites & blues by monica.osacar.

collecting LIFE by monica.osacar.

collecting multiples in blue pale by monica.osacar.

collecting precious photos by monica.osacar.


Vic said...

Great picture picks:) I love summer so much I moved all the way down here and when it's summer down's summer:) enjoy

Lady Grey said...

Once again, I am smitten with your image picks. So dreamy.....


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