Sunday, April 4, 2010

New Life

The weather has been absolutely amazing this weekend! It got up over 80 yesterday... and I was soaking it all in as much as I could. The buds are just bursting out and our pond is absolutely filled to the max with lots of beautiful little frogs. Today was Easter as well, which is the ultimate holiday of new life.

Right now I am watching Life on the Discovery Channel, which is incredible. There is so much diversity to life! Every time I watch a documentary like this I am just in such awe. I am so happy to be living at a time when I can see all this diversity of life through programs such as this, as so much of it could never be seen in real life due to their habitats. I am thankful to everyone who makes these programs possible.

I love these Discover Channel commercials because I, well, love the world!

1 comment:

Dionne said...

Wow, those flowers are gorgeous, and I LOVE that frog! How cute!

And the world IS awesome! I love that last vid!


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