Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Water water everywhere...

Its raining again today. Well, thats March - and I'm thankful for it because I know that it will bring out the blossoms I crave even sooner... so I can live with a few days of rain. Also, I recently watched the most amazing documentary, called Water, the Great Mystery.

Its an incredible molecule that we take so for granted! Life would not exist if it were not for water and we humans are mostly made from water. And even though it is the most basic and common thing on earth, it is still not truly understood. There are some pretty strange claims in this video, especially that water has a 'memory'. This is a fascinating thought. Also, one thing it talks about is the research of Dr. Emoto, who studies the effect of human conscious thought, music, or the environment on water. He fast freezes the water and then observes the crystals that are formed.

There are many images of these and more on the net, but I got this image at detoxifynow.net and there are more images there if you want to see them.

Another interesting thing that the documentary talks about is the power of prayer on water and why it is important to give blessings for the food and water we ingest. Anyway, I encourage everyone to watch this video. As a scientist, I'd like to see more data on the experiments and I don't want to believe something just because a "Dr." says it is true (the white coat effect).. but as a spiritual person and a scientist, I believe that there is much more in this universe that meets the eye and I am intrigued by the research put forth here.

You can watch the rest here or directly on my music/video page under science documentaries.

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