Saturday, February 27, 2010

Winter Wanderings

Even after the craziness of this week's weather and a branch going through our roof, I'm still really enjoying winter this year. I've never been a winter person, even though I grew up in New England. Give me an 88 degree day any day. But some how, I feel that I'm learning to appreciate Vermont's seasons more and more. I've always loved autumn here (what's not to love), but I've also begrudged the long winters. Chinese traditional medicine talks about learning to embrace each season that you are in, and I think perhaps that wisdom is rubbing off on me. Even though I love summer and doing things like gardening, winter allows me the time each year to do a lot more things that I might not get to do if it were warm outside. My life has a lot more variety because of the seasons and I'm learning that these winter times give my body a period of rest, just as the earth is asleep under the snow.

The snow was beautiful on the trees this morning when I woke, so I went outside with my camera and took some photos. The thing I really like about taking pictures is that it causes me to be more aware of my surroundings.. to take a second look and to also look at things from a different angle. Without my camera, I would enjoy the beauty, but not really ponder it and explore that moment more fully. Here are a few from my morning's winter wanderings:



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