Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vamos a Sudamerica!

We've done our good share of traveling in our lives, but when I look at the map of where we've been, Asia and South America are, as of yet, missing. One goal of ours is to perhaps go to every country in the world. We are at least going to try our best. So, we've been mulling over a few trip ideas and although we haven't bought our tickets yet, I think we've decided to go to South America.

Latin Destinations has a great package trip to Rio de Janiero, Iguazu Falls, and Buenos Aires. We're not the kind of people who like to take 'tours' or be too touristy, but packages like these are nice because you are not in a tour.. you get to be completely independent - but you also don't have to worry about figuring out flight info, hotels, or (at least with this trip) getting from the airport to the hotel.

We played around with which trip we'd like to do. We considered going to Buenos Aires and Patagonia, but then we realized that we kind of just want to go somewhere warm and not have to think about packing cold weather gear for this particular trip, as (although I'm enjoying winter), we want a little bit of an escape. We definitely want to do a Patagonia and perhaps Antarctica trip some time soon though.

Also, we've really been wanting to go to Iguazu Falls,
as we've only heard AMAZING things about it.

This is partially copied from the article by Travel Wizards:

Enormous, tropical green leaves, clear rushing water, mist sprinkling over your face and altogether one of the most picturesque nature scenes you will ever see in your life. This peaceful and beautiful place called Iguazu Falls is one of the most exquisite natural wonders of the world. Therefore, it must be on your list of places to see in South America. In addition, I felt so much more at peace in Iguazu National Park than I have during my entire stay in Argentina. The town, the people, the waterfalls, the nature and the vibe I received from everywhere and everyone were wonderful and refreshing. Even though Iguazu Fallss is a hot spot for tourists, it is still very easy to feel one with nature.

As for Iguazu National Park and the falls themselves, you are in for an unimaginable treat. The falls were much larger, more fantastic and more mind-blowing than I had expected. I knew the falls were gorgeous, but all descriptions heard and pictures seen do not do them justice. There is no way something so beautiful and enormous could be captured in a photo. It would be a sin to visit South America and not take a trip to the falls!

We were a little unsure about going to Rio, as Christ the Redeemer, is currently undergoing renovations until May.. and that is such an iconic part of my image of Rio.

Also, the visa for Brazil is $150 or so, which is the most I've ever seen for a visa! So, we were considering just going to Buenos Aires and Iguazu, but somehow the trip is actually cheaper for all 3.. so it will work out being the same, and this also ensures that we can go to both the Argentina and the Brazil side of Iguazu.

I'm also definitely looking forward to Buenos Aires. Matt has been there, but I have not. It is a very cultural, European city with amazing wine and steak. Maybe we'll get a tango in as well!

These are some other sites that are good and we are still considering these as well:
Argentina for Less
STI Travel

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