Sunday, February 21, 2010

Memory Lane

Before the days of digital, there were scrapbooks, albums, and piles of random photos strewn in boxes in the attic or under the bed. I've been a photo junkie ever since I got my first camera in high school. But I've never liked how those printed pictures got put away often hardly ever to bee seen again. And then there was the cost of printing those pictures, which was especially frustrating if it turned out you'd overexposed a roll, or the camera accidentally went off in your backpack and you got a nice shot of nothingness, or you were somehow making the most horrid looking face or your eyes had that demonic red glow to them.

I absolutely love digital cameras. I love that I can take as many pictures as I want and I won't be 'wasting' film. I love that I can put them online and share them. I love the fact that if a fire burns down my house that I won't risk my life trying to go back and save my precious photo memories. They will still be online even if my albums and computer get toasted to crumbs.

So I was doing some organizing the other day and came across a box filled with albums that I hadn't looked at in quite some time. It brought back so many memories, and yet I wished I could share them with old friends and have a laugh reminiscing. And then I had the idea that I could just take photos of these photos to store and share online. It took a few hours, but it was a nice quiet Sunday and it was surprising easy with my new camera, as I don't have to use a flash. Some are a little blurry and some are from scrapbooks, so they might look a bit strange, but here the links to the albums and I hope you enjoy the walk down memory lane.

College Days

Latin American Studies Program

(I have a lot more pics from LASP, but I have to find the album)




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