Monday, February 15, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

I heard this song on the radio today, which ironically, is one of my favorite things.

The Sound of Music is one of my favorite things and so is jazz, so can you get better than this song?

Tonight I'm sitting in front of a crackling fire surrounded by a warm snuggly blanket, eating pistachios and drinking hot cocoa, listening to classical music, reading a good book... and I was like wow, these are some of my favorite things - all coming together just for me. Perhaps just thinking of my favorite things summoned them here.

Anyway, I like the song... but the things in the song aren't necessarily my favorite things (although who doesn't like raindrops on roses or kitten whiskers? scratch that.. if you're allergic to cats or flower pollen, those might not be high on the list). But seriously, shnitzel with noodles? What is that? Ok.. so I just googled it:

Maybe it tastes better than it looks.

So then I thought I'd write down some of my other favorite things just for the heck of it. And here they are in no particular order:

flip flops, sunny days, warm rainy days, splashing in puddles, vacuuming (weird i know), sea shells, singing at the top of my lungs even when i don't know the words... i usually don't know the words, fireworks, documentaries, lightning bugs, dressing up, thunderstorms (i used to be so afraid of them when i was a kid), roller coasters (also another ex-fear), sunflowers, watching the orange glow from the last embers of a fire, taking photos, heart to heart talks, marshmallows, dancing, coffee, dipping stuff in coffee, big band music, orange juice, holding hands, seeing everything in that nice 'sun set' glow both for real and when it just looks like that when you're wearing sun glasses, trampolines, visiting different cultures, clouds (especially stratus...but not when they're thick; only wispy), google, patterns, hugs (both real and chocolate), smoothies, painting, hydrangeas, white chocolate, volkswagon beetles, The Beatles, taking off my shoes and playing in the grass, the smell of rosemary, farmers markets, waterfalls, antiquing, star-gazing, star spinning (thats when you stand on a flat grassy lawn at night, look up, spin until you get dizzy and fall down), hammocks, lasagna, snuggling with my husband, alpacas, hummingbirds, sleeping on the beach, cool rocks, cathedrals, swimming, red leaves in fall, stepping on crunchy leaves, double rainbows, pancakes, a purring kitty, warming my hands around a nice hot mug, mulled cider, fractals, nutella, getting dirt under my fingernails, rooibos tea, playing cards, smoked gouda, nice smelling candles.

There's lots more, but I'm going to get back to enjoying my favorite things now.

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