Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Blogaversary to me... and a Reflection

Today marks the anniversary of when I started blogging. Its hard to believe! I never realized that I would enjoy it so much or 'meet' all of you wonderful people. I originally started simply with the idea that I wanted a place to write some thoughts and organize my links, pictures, etc. I had never even really read blogs before I started one and didn't quite understand the whole 'blogosphere'.

As much as I love blogging though, I think I got a little too sucked into this virtual world. I started five other blogs as well at various points this fall - some on blogspot and some on tumblr.

A Peace Train on blogger and on Tumblr

Craziness, right? I also got starting pinning a lot of things to Pinterest and even though its not a blog, all of a sudden I had like 700 followers.

To be honest, I never really cared about gaining followers... I just like blogging, but I think all of a sudden I started caring more about it and it scared me. I sometimes see on other blogs people saying things like 'follow for follow' and I feel like I'm in 7th grade again. Why does this matter? Its not the real world. As much as I want to be appreciated for what I write or post, I don't want anyone to feel like they 'have' to read my blog just because I follow them and vice versa. 

I also got into reading more and more blogs because you became my 'friends', but it can actually takes quite a bit of time to read and comment on so many blogs. Its just not realistic. Although I've enjoyed hearing all about your lives and interests via your blog and sharing mine, I don't actually know you and you don't know me. If I really needed someone to talk to, you are not physically here with me. My real friends are. I say this simply to give us all a reality check.

This past week I took a little break from blogging and a few days just from routine in general. I went to NYC and saw a Broadway play, took the horse rides around central park (touristy I know, but I'd never done it), went to an auction, took a little retreat for myself, wrote, went snow-shoeing, got my hair cut and a massage and facial, had some talks with friends, sang karaoke at a a bar, and went ice skating. It felt good to get away from the computer. The computer world is great, but we end up spending time being more sedentary because of it.

Last week I wrote a post about balance because I was feeling out of balance and was searching for a way to bring more to my life. My outer body has always been a mirror reflection of what is going on inside. If I'm too stressed, I gain weight, which happened to me in the craziness of grad school. But I've also gained weight this past year because I've gotten a little to sedentary due to my zealousness in computer time, given that I also work on the computer all day for work. Since January 1st, I've lost around 9 pounds and it feels great! I'm going to my first zumba class today as well, which I'm very excited for.

I hope that you all have more balance than I did in your relationship to blogging and if you feel that perhaps you don't, I do encourage you to read the post on balance and take some time to think about these things. I will still continue blogging because I do love it, although I will definitely be scaling down, setting a schedule, and keeping track of my time online. And I will continue to read many of your blogs as well even if I don't always comment.

One of my favorite quotes when I was growing up was the following:

Anyway, as I enter my second year of blogging, I look forward to still connecting with you and I think it would especially wonderful if I was able to meet some of you in real life at some point. I know that some of you actually have and do get together with other bloggers and blog conferences and I think that is great. The thing I love about 'meeting' all of you via this virtual world is that I never would have met you in real life.. our paths never would have crossed - and I love what I've learned from you and about your lives. Lets just all have a healthy approach to blogging and not make it more important than the many other aspects of our lives.

A Whole Lot More Balance,


Lady Grey said...

You just put into words everything I've been feeling about blogging lately, and I so appreciate your honesty here. It is so hard to stay balanced. I tend to get consumed by blogging, and feeling as though I need to keep up with so many other people's blogs too... it's exhausting at times! But I never stop completely because I truly do love it.
You're so right about balance being the most important thing. If you find out how to actually do it, I'd love to hear about it!

Happy birthday to your blog (I guess we're both 1 year old this weekend!)... I do hope you keep it up for as long as it brings you joy, because I love reading it!

Shalyn said...

I loved reading this! Sounds like you had a great week off. Some of the things you did in one week I dream to do in my lifetime- good for you!

You are so right about blogging- sometimes we need to check back into reality and remember what matters most. Thanks for the reminder!

Coffee and a Book Chick said...

Happy, HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!!! So glad I came across your site, I always feel that boost of happiness! Perchance your blog is my vitamin-C for the day? :)

Krystal said...

I think all of your words are very wise and I'm glad you can stay in reality, haha! I totally agree, blogging can be so time consuming - its definitely key to keep it balanced!

shopgirl said...

I really like this post because I think this describes many of us who write in blogs. Some well advised words and lovely quote.

Balance is key to everything in life.

Happy Anniversary!

jdavissquared said...

I know what you mean. Blogging can suck up alot of time! I've been cutting back too. It's hard, but it must be done! ;)

p.s. I hope you liked zumba...I went a few times about a month ago, and I loved it! so much fun. I should go back...

Pip Pip Hooray said...

Happy belated blog-day :)

Anonymous said...

First off, happy blogging anniversary! Secondly, I really appreciated your thoughts on blogging, balance and putting things into perspective. You've put into words what I often feel and what I know so many other bloggers feel too. Recognizing that 'real life' comes first and making that a priority is something we all should work on. I've taken a few breaks from blogging over the past year and doing so has made me enjoy posting all the more, because when I do post it doesn't feel forced.

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