Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Whole Lotta Color

Have you seen these 'colour-in' dresses by Berber Soepboer?

You literally take supplied markers and create your own look

Ok.. So maybe you don't want to color it while its on, but how about having a party?

Its available to you for only 238 euro.

This is somewhat of a similar concept to the 'flexibility dress' by Fernando Brízio.

by placing colored felt-tip pens in the pockets of the dress its appearance changes over time.
within an hour - to one and a half hours the colored ink bleeds into the fabric and creates a one-off design for each occasion. the owner can then clean the dress and color it in a different way for each time they wear it.

I would love to get one of these dresses!! I think that they are just so fun and fabulous. But the only problem is that I can't find out where they are sold. I've searched the internet. If anyone can lead me in the right direction, I would so greatly appreciate it.

A Whole Lotta Love,


Jude said...

These are so utterly fabulous! OK, call me the biggest geek ever, but I decided to google the name of the designer for the second type of dress & came up with his email at http://fernandobrizio.com/# Perhaps you could email him directly! :)

a whole lotta love said...

jude, you are awesome :)

Signe said...

These are just amazing and I just adore the 1940's cut on that first dress as well :)

Lady Grey said...

these are amazing : )
I love the white & red one.

Krystal said...

Oh my gosh, that dress is the coolest thing ever!! The color in one!

crazysweetlife.com said...

Crazy! These dresses are sooo fun. I want one too!

lindsay said...

these are absolutely amazing...actually stunning would be a better word to use.
i like the picture of the people around the table coloring away, what a great way to spend some quality time together and it's even more fun when you're wearing party hats :)

i'm so happy we found each other. your blog is like a dream come true...i can't wait to see the other lovely things you have to show us.

have a magical day ♥

Dionne said...

I love this! These are so fun, what a great concept!

And yes, include me please!

the southern hostess said...


Wild and Precious said...

what a funky cool idea! love it!

p.s. i blogged about YOU today!
head over to check it out:

your newest follower

nicole said...

seriously the coolest thing i have ever seen!


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