Saturday, October 30, 2010

Favorite Foto Friday (on Saturday) - Italy

Hello lovely readers,
I'm a day late with my FFF (Favorite Foto Friday) post, but thats ok. I'm fairly certain no one was waiting with baited breath wondering where my post was. :) Anyway, our network was down for a bit and then I was away this weekend and just returned. Since I didn't really get a chance to find favorite photos this week, I decided to just share some of my own that I took when we were in Italy.  Hope you enjoy!

Pencil Cypress Trees in Chianti (Tuscany)

The Duomo in Florence (Firenze)

The Amalphi Coast

Beautiful Byzantine Mosaics in Ravenna

On top of the Duomo in Milan

at the Villa Melzi gardens in Belagio (Lake Como)

Evening on the square in Verona

St. Peter's Basilica (The Vatican)

The Colosseum (Rome)

Monument of Victor Emmanuel II (Rome)

Lake Como

at the Villa d'Este in Tivoli

town in Northern Italy

cathedral in Amalphi

Evening Lights of a small Italian town

I snapped a photo of this couple posing for their wedding pictures at a cathedral in Bergamo

ruins in Pompeii

Inside St. Peter's Basilica (The Vatican)

A church in Florence


I loved these bright umbrellas on a rainy day in Sienna

If you want to see any of my other photos, you are welcome to view my albums. Be fore-warned though there are a lot! I had to fit them in 3 folders because each folder only holds 1,000 photos. Is there a group for compulsive photo takers anonymous??
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caroline said...

what beautiful photographs! you truly have a keen eye! i've been to several of those locations and while a photo can never really capture the essence of the actual place yours come pretty close :) thanks for sharing!

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

Gorgeous photography of Italy...LOVE it and your lovely blog!

Liesl :)

Krystal said...

WOW These photographs are BEAUTIFUL! Seriously - they are so amazing, I can't even pick a favorite. The black and white ones are stunning. Italy is so beautiful, I just love it :)
You entered the vintage handbag giveaway , yes?

Dionne said...

I so badly want to go to the Amalfi Coast! My Dad is Italian, and I have a lot of family in Rome and through Italy. It looks gorgeous. I love the mix of beauty and history and culture.

Pics of Amalfi remind me of the Greek Islands. We went there for our honeymoon because I really wanted to have that mix of culture and beauty and history on our first trip as husband and wife. It looks like Italy will have to be next!

Café Bellini said...

These are amazing! Makes me want to go on holiday again! I have always adored those cypress trees, I think they are so elegant! I'm your newest follower.

ag. said...

These are all such gorgeous photos! I wish I was back in Italy right now! Lovely!


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