Friday, October 15, 2010

Favorite Foto Friday - Old Doors

I have always had this fascination with doors. Everywhere I go I take pictures of doors. Doors are like the gateway to the soul of a home. I'm not the only one who likes doors...

1. Castel Beranger, 2. Doorway in Jakarta, 3. Old Doorway, 4. Sylvan Doorway, 5. Doorway, inspired by the divine, 6. Houston Doorway, 7. Abandoned Doorway, 8. tarnow street, 9. Reading Room, 10. Old Door, 11. Don't be afraid., 12. doorway to another century, 13. Purple Doorway / Blue Door, 14. Croatian Doorway, 15. Azur, 16. doorways..., 17. little kelqwin, 18. The Old Store door, 19. door, 20. Weathered Blue, 21. doorway to my heart, 22. 22 Pacific Ave., 23. Behind closed doors..., 24. Blue, black and white, 25. model, 26. To the Next Level, 27. Churchyard Doorway, All Saints Parish Church, 28. R1-Doorway-HDR, 29. born in chinatown, 30. Hold on for another year, 31. doorway, 32. Doorway With Wall, 33.Doorway to Heaven, 34. Tijuana Doorway #1, 35. Doorways into a India of Past - Pune India, 36. paint me


Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Love this post! Great photos!!!

Krystal said...

this was like my dream project laid out before me! I love doors and am always taking pics of them - so many cool ones here :)

Hilary said...

Hey, these are pretty sweet! I've been digging around for Greek doors for a post Later this week.
Maybe I can link here.


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