Friday, September 17, 2010

Favorite Foto Friday - Fall Foliage

I love fall... especially in Vermont. This year it seems to have started quite early. It's definitely still very green, but some of the trees are starting to change their colors and drop their leaves. I'm beginning to get out those fall sweaters and looking forward to my first cup of hot mulled apple cider! I already have my pumpkins out (which my dad grew this year and gave to me) and I hope to be picking apples and baking up some yummy goodies in the near future.

Fall photography is the best too. The oranges, reds, and yellows just seem to draw me in and I want to dive into each photo as you would a big pile of those autumn leaves. Hope you enjoy these lovely photos too!

1. Autumn, 2. Autumn is on its way !*, 3. Autumn still life, 4. Day 94 - Hokusai in an Autumn Leaf, 5.Autumn's Last, 6. Autumn Leaves, Ridgeway, SC, 7. autumn, 8. colorful autumn, 9. Autumn colour @ Eden 2007_S12197, 10. Autumn, 11. autumns end, 12. autumn colour, 13. Autumn colour @ Eden 2007_S12196, 14. Autumn colors-1, 15. Autumn leaf, 16. autumn in england georgous leaves, 17.autumn rust, 18. Autumn leaves, 19. Autumn Leaves 2, 20. Autumn Rain (3), 21. Autumn colours, 22.Autumn Fire, 23. Autumn Storm Results, 24. Autumn on the back garden wall, 25. The glory of Autumn, 26. Autumn tint, 27. Autumn pre leaf-fall, 28. autumn red, 29. Autumn tint, 30. Autumn Days, 31. August, the new Autumn, 32. autumn colours, 33. autumn_leaves, 34. Autumn tint, 35. Autumn Leaves, 36.Autumn Spirit


Vic said...

Happy Fall! Those are the best colors:) i needed that because their are absolutely none of these colors floating around sw. fl:)

Lady Grey said...

These photos collages are supremely beautiful!

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

Beautiful colors indeed! Love that thid inspiration board! :)


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