Monday, August 9, 2010

A Pocket Full of Sunshine

I was recently awarded the Sunshine award by the absolutely fabulous Hey Lady Grey. The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blogworld.

A few thoughts on sunshine before I pass on this award.

When was the last time you stopped to ponder that you and I are basically composed of sunshine? Every cell in our bodies is composed of and gets its energy from the food what we eat... and every piece of food that we eat, whether it comes from plant or animal (which eats the plants) is made from synthesis of SUNSHINE (photosynthesis).

In some ways, sunshine could be seen as wasted energy (simply a by-product of the sun's combustion). Scientists refer to plants as 'dissipative structures' because they transform the sun's wasted energy into useful material (they capture chaos and shape it into more complex order). And thankfully too... or otherwise we would not be here!

I think in many ways love is also a dissipative structure (or perhaps not structure.. but concept). When you love someone or even simply share a smile with someone, it causes there to be a little less chaos in the world and perhaps a little more order and happiness.

And since we are made from sunshine, which is virtually a limitless resource, our love can in many ways be limitless. The trick is to discover that inner sunshine within each of us (which is usually covered up by all the cares and concerns of life). But if we dig deep and re-connect with the source of the sunshine, then we can't help but shine and share love.

So, that is my challenge to myself and to anyone reading this... to continue to uncover the sunshine within and to radiate love.

And now to pass this award on to some ladies full of sunshine:

Erica @ Happy Vermont
Lisa @ Lisa Golightly
Anna @ Little Reminders of Love
Lynn@ Paris Hotel Boutique Journal
Mel @ Reverie Daydream
Sarah @ Yes and Yes
Ruth @ The Beautiful Life

And now for one of my favorite songs:


Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Aren't you sweet? Thank you so much for the Sunshine Award! So flattered :) For some reason your comment didn't publish on my blog. I'm wondering if I accidentally rejected it! Do you mind trying again so that I can see if it works?

Thanks again for the award!


Lady Grey said...

I love what you wrote here. You always inspire me!

Simply Mel said...

Well there is definitely a lot of sunshine being shared here ~ gorgeous blog! Thank you for the sweet reward....merci beaucoup from the bottom of my heart!

*The Beautiful Life* said...

You are amazing! How you correlated sunshine/photosynthesis with this sunshine award/love... my goodness that was so awesome!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for my award. I just got so tickled when I read that you'd given me one!!!! (Happy dance!) ;)

I will do a pass-it-on blog post about it in the next days!

Thanks so very, very much, hon. :)


lisa golightly said...

Your beautiful words just radiate who you are ! How lovely to come up for air in this way. Thank you !


Erica Houskeeper said...

Thank you so much for the Sunshine Award! I am honored. :)



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