Sunday, July 18, 2010

Over the Top...

Have you seen photos of the new Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino in Singapore? Its a bit over the top...

Check out this infinity pool on the roof. It looks like it drops off into infinity too...

...definitely not for the faint of heart

The Marina Bay Sands is the world's most expensive hotel in Singapore, and with a world's largest outdoor pool at 55th storey.
 "The infinity pool on the roof is in the 'SkyPark' which spans the three towers of the hotel. The platform itself is longer than the Eiffel tower laid down and is one of the largest of its kind in the world.
Infinity pools give the effect that the water extends to the horizon. In reality, the water spills over the edge into a catchment below, and is then pumped back into the pool. The pools have two circulation systems. The first functions like that of a regular pool, filtering and heating the water in the main pool. The second filters the water in the catch basin and returns it to the upper pool.

Anyway, just thought this was too interesting not to post. What to do you think? Very cool or a little gaudy?


Lady Grey said...

OMG this is UNBELIEVABLE! I would love to look over that edge... must be exhilarating!

Leanne said...

I'm weak in the knees just looking at these pics!!!! Oooooh my!

Richard Boles said...

This pool is not for the weak of heart. But if you love water and adventure, this is definitely
for you. This infinity pool, which is located at the 55th floor of the building, is just sick.

Richard Boles

Patrick Toney said...

The people behind this masterpiece are definitely worth being recognized. They have built a solitary fortress where people can relax and enjoy themselves. I love the infinity pool, and it’s a really impressive idea to put it on the rooftop area. I just wish I can go there soon!

Patrick Toney


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