Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Iceland Inspirations

Last week A Cup of Jo shared a little video Inspired by Iceland. It is a great video if you haven't seen it, and it started me on a reminiscent journey down memory lane and looking at photos of when we were there a few years ago. Since I've been to almost fifty countries, people will often ask me what my favorite country is. Of course that is hard to decide, but I always have to say Iceland as one of my top places. If that makes you stop and wonder or if perhaps you have never really thought of Iceland (or only think of it as an annoying island that gives off volcanic ash and ground airplanes), keep reading.

 In 2007 we spent two months in Europe, which started off with a nice three day layover in Iceland. If you fly Iceland Air they let you lay over for however long you choose at no extra cost. We arrived in June and it was windy, cold, and rainy...and it is also very expensive.. we could barely afford a hot dog (exaggeration of course... actually we had the best hot dogs I've ever had there). Now you're probably confused... what did I like about Iceland??

Iceland is MAGICAL. Its unlike anywhere else I've been in the world. It is so untouched still and pristine... and there happens to be a waterfall around every bend.

Seljalandsfoss waterfall

Check out "Mr. Love" on the path behind the waterfall to get a sense of the size!

The Gullfoss waterfall. Its Huge!

Skógafoss waterfall
Since we had jet lag we stayed up late each night. This photo was taken around midnight.

We climbed up a staircase next to this waterfall and followed the river further

... and it kept going... waterfall after waterfall

until it was about 2 in the morning... it was so surreal.

Some other awesome things about Iceland:

Countryside Farms

Icelandic horses



Lava fields

Beautiful vistas and rainbows

... and a whole lotta love :)

Are you inspired yet??

If so, then if you ever get the chance to go to Iceland, GO!!


Lady Grey said...

I saw that video too, and I thought I should really travel there one day.... and now after seeing your incredible pictures, I'm totally convinced. Definitely my next big trip!

ceemee said...

What a nice place to go to!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

I'm extremely inspired. These photos are breath taking.

Melissa Blake said...

oh, now i definitely want to go there!


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