Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cows.. on Main Street??!

My town has this lovely and crazy festival and parade this weekend called Strolling of the Heifers. Yes.. and its exactly what it sounds like. We parade our young cows (decked out in flowers of course) down Main Street. Only in Vermont.. right? If you are ever in the area, its a great event... especially if you have children. Its definitely NOT just cows. The parade involves much more than just the cows... thats just the first part. And then there are tons of activities all weekend, including a Green Expo, Dairy Festival, Music, Circus Performers, Art Exhibits, Dancing, Food Contests and lots of free ice cream, yogurt, cheeses, and so much more. Our library also has a book sale and there are many other activities going on the area. We're only 3 hrs from NYC and Montreal, and 2 hrs from Boston. Do I sound like an advertisement for Brattleboro or what? Gotta love the Green Mountain state!

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Lady Grey said...

oh that is too funny! I love it!


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