Friday, May 21, 2010

Favorite Foto Friday

Sometimes I randomly surf the web. I especially like finding cool photos I like and photographers, (as you may have noticed). I love project 365. People who use the site share one photo a day for a year. I think its a great way to either document your year in photos or to really motivate you to always take your camera wherever you go. I would like to do it whenever I get around to really learning photography.

Anyway I noticed the photos of Lauren Dahlhauser a few weeks ago. She's only in high school, but I think her photos are already great. She definitely has a future in photography. I thought the squirrel ones were really cute as well.

Happy Friday!


Lady Grey said...

these are great mood lifters!
Happy weekend xox

Vic said...

I love squirrels .:) happy the photos! I may jump in next week!:)


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