Friday, April 23, 2010

Favorite Foto Friday

In celebration of earth day, I wanted to post some beautiful nature photography. I stumbled upon the amazing work of Katarina Stefanović recently and wanted to show her off. Her photos are like stepping into another world. They are so surreal and magical, which is incredible since many of her photos are taken from 'common' agricultural settings of her native Serbia and other European countryside. I believe she still remains faithful to film as well, which is rare in this digital age. Anyway, I believe her work will pull you in, and you will be in as much love with it as I am.

We stayed across from this place once when we were in Portugal. I wished when I was there that I had a better camera because I love this old house too.

Here are some more lovely photos. 
They are so beautiful to see them all in a collage like this as well

Find more of her amazing work on Flickr.


Lady Grey said...

They're all stunning, but wow that peacock shot is magical!

Velvet Over Steel said...

Beautiful pictures and Great title for your blog. Found you through Redheaded Ritter and following you now. Good Luck in Blogging world! I've only been here a few months, but already love it, esp. the new friends I have made! :-)
Have a Great weekend!!

Sandy a la Mode said...

WOW, these photos are absolutely STUNNING! I love how unique and colorful each photo is! I wish I could take photos like this! BTW, I found your blog through Eri's little known lovelies and I am totally adding you to my Google Reader b/c I do think your blog is truly lovely! =)

cass said...

Lovely pictures :)
Your comment on my blog truly meant a lot to me, thank you love

Katarina said...

Thank you for this great blog post, and for the lovely words! This is one beautiful representation of my work!



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