Friday, April 30, 2010

Favorite Foto Friday - Animal Love

Animals just make me laugh. This morning my cat was laying on my stomach with his arms around me hugging me like he was a little kid. So cute. These are just a few photos I had saved on my computer (as I continue to purge the hard drive). I love monkeys and cats especially. When I was living in Costa Rica, I couldn't get enough of monkeys. They are so fun to watch. Also, I've had cats my whole life.. about 25. No... I'm not a crazy cat lady, but I had one cat when I was growing up who gave birth to kittens a number of years in a row before we could ever get her fixed. Playing with kittens during those summers when you're a child... thats what childhood should be all about. Anyway, hope these make you laugh too.

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Vic said...

hehe...that's funny because all I ever do is rescue cats and they happen to be pregnant-we love monkeys! Why can't I ever rescue one of those:)


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