Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Walking in a Wild Winter Wonderland

This winter has been very mild. Our plow man was commenting just the other day how difficult it has been for anyone who relies on a steady flow of snow during the winter season. Well.. that all changed last night, as mother nature decided to bestow her blessings of the white stuff upon us. When I woke this morning, I looked out the window to see a beautiful landscape bathed in a silver glow. But I was also abruptly taken out of my awe, when I heard a large crash and ran into the other room to discover that a large branch had somehow fallen with such veracity as to pierce the ceiling of one of our rooms. It was difficult to believe my eyes, but there it was. This snow is extremely wet and heavy and has been causing branches to let gravity have its way throughout the day... and of course we were so brilliant as to park our cars under those lovely beams. The snow is so wet in fact that it has a very strange blue look to it. At first I thought that window washing fluid had somehow gotten into one patch, but then I looked at it was everywhere.

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Anyway, its supposed to keep snowing all week and someone said perhaps 30 inches. Yikes! Let's just hope the house is still standing next week. My cousin posted this picture on facebook this morning. Perhaps I better start knitting if I want my trees to be happy and keep standing straight.

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