Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Vermont mystery ride

When I was a kid, my parents used to love to take us on "mystery rides"... a drive where we didn't know where we were going, we just drove wherever the road took us. Well, my dad probably knew where we were going, but as kids, it was always an adventure. As an adult, I still love to take these drives. Sometimes I just get the compulsion even when I'm on my own just to drive down a road I've never been down. Today, Matt and I met up with his mom in Manchester, VT. On the way, we stopped and got coffee and a muffin, and there was the most beautiful plane tree (which I was then told was the largest in the state). We went to the congregational church in the morning, which had a lovely sermon by a recent Harvard divinity grad. Then, we just kind of meandered and drove around... north on Rt. 30 to Dorset and east Rupert. We drove by Frederick Beuchner's house, who has beautiful horses. We went to a farmers market, where i bought these great earings made out of old silverware. I had never seen that before, and they are so unique. We stopped at a beautiful marble quarry and some other antique and general store shops. We then went South to Arlington.. antiquing and meandering and then back up to Manchester for a late lunch. There was a great sun set on the way home and we came home and just relaxed after a wonderful sunday drive.




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